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as played by Thure Lindhardt
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: Rufio
Position: Caterina Sforza's henchman/assassin
Personality type: Aloof, calculating, ruthless
Endearing trait(s):Devoted to his mistress, Caterina
Strength(s): Creative in his means to an end
Weakness(es): Too focused/does not forsee possible failures in his plans; doesn't seem to like to get his hands (or shirt) dirty
Quirks: Nasally voice

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Described as a "student of the art of death" by Cardinal Sforza, Rufio is a ruthless killer, the counterpart to Cesare Borgia's Micheletto, though we never actually see Rufio kill anyone directly onscreen. Like Micheletto, he remains in the shadows--the actual shadows, rather than the metaphor Micheletto uses--as we first see him sitting in a dark corner of Cardinal Sforza's private office (and then coming out of the shadows to recruit the Second Sons to Caterina's cause).

It is clear where his loyalty lies: To Caterina Sforza. He executes a plan to kill Lucrezia Borgia, Vanozza Cattaneo and Giovanni [Borgia, Lucrezia's baby]; attempts to sway the Second Sons of the Romagna (Vitellozzo Vitelli, Gian Paolo Baglioni, Roberto and Paolo Orsini, and Prospero Colonna) towards an alliance with Caterina; attempts to kill the pope (twice), and helps to set up an ambush for Cesare Borgia and Micheletto in the catacombs of Marino.

He is captured, along with Caterina, by Cesare Borgia in the last episode of the series, "The Prince". He is offered a deal to prove his loyalty to a new master and accepts the challenge.

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Family members: The Sforzas (assumed, as it is only hinted at since Cardinal Sforza doesn't specify it to Cesare in Season 3 Episode 1)

Romance(s): None

Friends: Caterina Sforza

Enemies: The Borgia Family

Allies: Caterina Sforza

: N/A

Victim(s): Cardinal Costanzo and his servant Stefano, when they opened a contaminated box intended for Pope Alexander VI, Lucrezia Borgia's Nursemaid's family (either by proxy or directly), untold but implied victims

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  • "Toledo steel. It's one of a pair." -- Rufio to Cardinal Sforza (Season 3 Episode 1, "The Face of Death")
  • "I am the black heart of a Borgia nightmare. I speak with Catherina Sforza's voice and she invites you all to join her in a confederacy of hatred." -- Rufio to the Second Sons/Bastard Sons (Season 3 Episode 2, "The Purge")
  • "Against Gian Paolo Baglioni, Lord of Perugia, the most renowned blade in all Umbria? I value my own shirt too highly.
    Blood is the very devil to get out." -- Rufio to Gian Paolo Baglioni (Season 3 Episode 3, "Siblings")
  • "No further, my lady! Plague lives in this rag." -- Rufio to Caterina Sforza (Season 3 Episode 6, "Relics")
  • "Cesare Borgia does not wait." -- Rufio to Caterina Sforza (Season 3 Episode 10, "The Prince")
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  • Season 3 Episode 1, "The Poisoned Chalice" (First appearance.)
  • Gathering the Second Sons/Bastard Sons to try to convince them to join forces with Caterina to defeat the Borgias (Season 3 Episode 2, "The Purge")
  • Obtaining a plague-infested rag; preparing a "gift" for the pope with it; then thoroughly cleaning himself afterwards (Season 3 Episode 6, "Relics")
  • Playing messenger for the coded notes between Pascal and the Caterina/King Frederigo of Naples alliance (Season 3 Episode 8, "Tears of Blood")

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  • Rufio is a fictional character created specifically for The Borgias.
  • There is no information about the kind of hired mercenaries/killers Caterina Sforza made use of, if any.

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